Voice of the Xtabay

Yma Sumac

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The Voice Of The Xtabay
Taita Inty (Hymn Of The Sun) 
Ataypura (High Andes I) 
Accla Taqui (Chant Of The Chosen Maidens)
Tumpa (Earthquake) 
Choladas (Dance Of The Moon Festival) 
Wayra (Dance Of The Winds) 
Monos (Monkeys) 
Xtabay (Lure Of The Unknown Love)
Inca Taqui — Chants Of The Incans
K'arawi (Planting Song) 
Cumbe Maita (Calls Of The Andes) 
Wak'Ai (Cry) 
Incacho (Royal Anthem) 
Chuncho (The Forest Creatures) 
Llulla Mak'ta (Andean Don Juan) 
Malaya! (My Destiny) 
Ripui (Farewell)
Marke: Capitol Records-1565611, France, 1985
Format: Vinyl Compilation Reissue Mono LP 30 cm 33 UpM 

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Genre: World
Stil: Folk

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