CHF 24.–

Marek Weber

The Student Prince



Marke: Columbia Set C-134, 4 Schellackplatten in Album, 25 cm 78 T

Selections from The Student Prince
A1 The Flag That Flies Above Us  (Hörprobe)
A2 Golden Days
A3 To The Inn We’re Marching
B1 Heidelberg Fair
B2 Incidental Music – In The Park
B3 Waltz (Act 3)
B4 Come Boys, Let’s All Be Gay, Boys
C1 Deep In The Heart, Dear
C2 Oh, Tell Me If With Your Heart
C3 The Magic Of Springtime
D1 Come Answer To Our Call
D2 Opening „Farmer Jacob“
D3 When The Spring Awakens Everything
E1 Student Life
E2 Gaudeamus
E3 Incidental Music
E4 Thoughts Will Come To Me (Finale Act 2)
F1 Birds Are Winging
F2 Gavotte
F3 To The Inn We’re Marching
F4 Drinking Song
G Serenade – „Overhead The Moon Is Beaming“
H1 Ballet
H2 Just We Two

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Platten: sehr gut, Album: Kanten abgegriffen