CHF 8.–

Thomas Wilbrandt

The Electric V.


Artikel-Nr. 18-0177
Marke: Mercury 818 147 – 1 (Q) 1984, Doppel-LP 30 cm 33 T

A1 The Crescendo Of Spring (Dawn)
A2The Electric Bird
Sketches Of Spring
A 3aChant I
A3b Chant II
A3c Chant III
A3d The Movie
A3e Spring Water
A3f The Glass Bead Game
A4 Idyl
A5 Twilight

B1 The Heat
B2 ‚Hot Stuff‘
B3 The Meditation
B4 Thunder And Lightning

C1 Leaves And Lutes
C2 Hi Life!
C3 The San Marco Sequence
C4 Phases
C5 The Celebration

D1 Wide White Horizon
D2 The Electric Harpsichord
D3 Radio Music
D4 Dancing (At Crystal Palace)
D5 Breaking The Ice/The Winter Song
D6 Beating The Cold/The Farewell

Genre: Electronic / Classical, Experimental, Ambient

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Platten: fast wie neu, Cover: sehr gut