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The Flamin' Groovies

Teenage Head


Artikel-Nr. 20-0065-w
Marke: Budda 6.28436 DB, 2 x Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 T

A1 High Flyin‘ Baby
A2 City Lights
A3Have You Seen My Baby?
A4 Yesterday’s Numbers

B1 Teenage Head
B2 32-02
B3 Evil Hearted Ada
B4 Doctor Boogie
B5 Whisky Woman

qC1 Gonna Rock Tonite
C2 Comin After Me
C3 Headin For The Texas Border
C4 Sweet Roll Me On Down
C5 Keep A Knockin‘

D1 Second Cousin
D2 Childhood’s End
D3 Jailbait
D4 She’s Falling Apart
D5 Road House


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Platte: fast wie neu, Cover: sehr gut+