CHF 12.–

The Savoy Orpheans

Stomp Off – Lets Got


Marke: Halcyon Records HDL 111 Vinyl LP 30 em 33 T

A1 Eccentric
A2 Oh! Eva (Ain’t You Coming Out Tonight?)
A3 Hard Hearted Hannah
A4 Copenhagen
A5 Come On Over
A6 Blue Evening Blues
A7 Oh!That Sweet In Suite 16
A8 Stomp Off,Let’s Go!
A9 Dinah
B1 Static Strut
B2 Jig Walk
B3 Hop Skip
B4 I’m Telling The Birds
B5 Back Beats
B6 Little Brown Baby
B7 Vladivostock
B8 Ain’t That Too Bad?
B9 That’s My Hap-Hap-Happiness

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