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Revival Jazz Band Bratislava

Revival Jazz Band


Artikel-Nr. 16-1456
Marke: Elite Special SOLP-463 vinyl LP 30 cm 33 T

Revival Jazz Band – Revival Jazz Band

A01 Romance 3:15
A02 Slovenske Mamicky 2:41
A03 Old Steamer 3:45
A04 Creole Jazz 2:22
A05 The Red Apple 4:53
A06 Beshia Echay 3:10
B01 If You Can Be 2:30
B02 Steck-Oo-Le-Blues 3:57
B03 Smugljanka 3:27
B04 Freight Train Blues 3:33
B05 A Maly Gazda 3:08
B06 The Bridges Of Budapest 3:43

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Platte: sehr gut+, Cover. sehr gut