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Victor Borghe

Comedy In Music / Caught In The Act


Artikel-Nr. 20-0338
Marke: CBS 88110 2 x Vinyl LPs 30 cm 33 T

A1 Comedy In Music

B1 Medley Of Popular Songs
B2 Warsaw Concerto
B3 Auf Wiederseh’n, Sweetheart

Victor Borge Requests
C1a Tea For Two
C1b Malaguena
C1c Stardust
C1d Nola
C1e Trees
C1f One Fine Day
C1g Tales From The Vienna Woods
C1h Third Man Theme
C1i Nocturne
C1j Blue Danube Waltz
C2 A Mozart Opera By Borge

Three Borge Favorites
D1a Tango
D1b „Minute“ Waltz
D1c Liebestraum
D2 Family Background
D3 Phonetic Puctuation

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Platte: wie neu, Cover: sehr gut-, Rückseite etwas fleckig, Patina handschriftl. Notiz