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Tivadar Mészáros

Az egri ménes


Hungarian Songs and Csardases, Folk Orchestra of the duna Ensemble, Primas: Tivadar Mészárosáá

Marke: Qualtion SLPX 10145 Vinyl LP 30cm 33 T

A1 Let The Violin Stop – My Mother Is Angry – Once I Too Believed – The Leaves Don’t Rustle – The Brook Has Overflown
A2 My Good Father – You Alone Remain My Happiness – Come Along To The Forest – My Saucy Sweetheart
B1 My Battered Fiddle – One Kitten, Two Kitten – Ten Pairs Of Kisses – The Eger Stud – The Gipsies‘ Tent
B2 The Kiskerek Outlaw’s Inn – My Sweetheart Sent The World – Concert Csárdáses In C Minor
B3 Maybeetle, Yellow Maybeetle – It’s Not Worth Calling Someone Back With Deceptive Words – Swaying Rose Tree

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Platte: sehr gut, Cover: gut, handschriftliche Notizen, beschädigt