The World Of British Comedy

Marty Feldman u.a.

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Artikel-Nr. 20-0340
Marke: Decca PA 3 MONO UK 1969, Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 T

A1 –Marty Feldman : The Great Bell
A2 –Frankie Howerd: Ten Guinea Cruise
A3 –Spike Milligan: Cold Porridge
A4 –The Goons: Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!
A5 –Benny Hill: The Sunday Ben
A6 –Spike Milligan: Pontius Kak

B1 –Kenneth Williams: Hand Up Your Sticks
B2 –Spike Milligan: Holy Smoke
B3 –Paddy Roberts: The Ballad Of Bethnal Green
B4 –Tony Hancock: The Missing Page
B5 –Spike Milligan: The Great Man
B6 –Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Father And Son