Steiner - Gone With The Wind

Charles Gerhardt

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Artikel-Nr. 18-0034
New Expanded Version Authorized by the Conposer with Includes Music Never Before Recorded
Marke: RCA ARL1 0452 Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 T mit Original Innenhülle

A1 Selznick International Trademark; Main Title: Dixie, Mammy, Tara, Rhett
A2 Opening Sequence: The Twins, Katie Bell, Ashley, Mammy
A3 Driving Home, Gerald O'Hara, Scarlett
A4 Dance Montage: Charleston Heel And Toe Polka, Southern Belle Waltz, Can Can
A5 Grazioso, Mammy
A6 Ashley; Ashley And Scarlett
A7 Scarlett; Ashley And Melanie Love Theme
A8 Civil War, Fall Of The South
A9 Scarlett Walks Among The Wounded Gone With The Wind (Conclusion)
B1 True Love
B2 Ashley Returns To Tara From The War
B3 Tara In Ruins
B4 Belle Watling
B5 Reconstruction; The Nightmare
B6 Tara Rebuilt
B7 Bonnie; The Accident
B8 Mammy And Melanie On The Staircase
B9 Rhett's Sorrow
B10 Apotheosis: Melanie's Death
B11 Scarlett And Rhett
B12 Tara
Charles Gerhardt conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra