Sent Reeling

The Cobblers

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Artikel 20-1258
Label: KNSE International ‎LP 0383, Switzerland1983
Format: Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 UpM

The Banshee/Pinch Of Snuff (Reels)
Spanish Lady (Song)
John Ryan's/Dennis Murphy's/St.Mary's (Polkas)
Whip Jamboree (Song)
Captain O'Kane (Air)
Into The Beggin' (Song)

Hillwick Wedding/Robertson's Reel (Marches)
Paddy Clancy's Tripping Up The Stairs/My Darling Asleep (Jigs)
The Cobbler (Song)
Flags Of Dublin/Aughdarra/Killila Cross (Reels)
Eighteen Years Old (Song)
Fairy Reel/Moving The Grand (Reels)

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Genre: Folk, World, & Country

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