Lost Horizon

Burt Bacharach

CHF 6.00

Artikel 19-0079
Marke: Original Soundtrack Sybel 8000 Stereo
Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 T,  ausklappbare Hülle

Ross Hunter's Musical Production of Lost Horizon
Original Soundtrack Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrcis by Hal David
A1a Introduction
A1b Lost Horizon Vocals: Shawn Phillips
A2 Share The Joy
A3 The World Is A Circle
A4 Living Together, Growing Together
A5 I Might Frighten Her Away
A6 The Things I Will Not Miss

B1 If I Could Go Back
B2 Where Knowledge Ends (Faith Begins)
B3 Question Me An Answer
B4 I Come To You
B5 Reflections