Adieu Madame

Pro Cantione Antiqua

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Höfische Songs für die Tudor Könige
A1 Who Shall Have My Fair Lady
A2 Up I Arose In Verno Tempore
A3 Adieu Madame Et Ma Maistresse
A4 Let Not Us That Young Men Be
A5 In Wilderness
A6 Time To Pass With Goodly Support
A7 My Love She Mourn'th
B1 England Be Glad
B2 Helas Madame
B3 Alas What Shall I Do For Love
B4 O My Heart Is Sore
B5 Joan Is Sick And Ill At Ease
B6 If I Had Wit For To Endite
B7 Come O'er The Burn, Bessy
B8 Hey Trolly Lolly Lo

Label: Harmonia Mundi/Electrola 1 C 065-99833
Format: Vinyl LP 30 cm 33 UpM

Platte und Cover: exzellent