Jazz Made in Switzerland

Fred Böhler, u.a.

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Label: EMI Records 13C 152-33894/5 (1976)  Doppel-LP
Format: Viny LPs 30 cm 33 UpM, Klappcover mit Fotos

Jazz Made in Switzerland 30 Jahre 1935 - 1965
A1 –Magnolians Sensations
A2 –Teddy Stauffer And His Original Teddies Möni Stomp
A3 –Eddie Brunner And His Original Teddies Some Sausage
A4 –Fred Böhler And His Orchestra Black Clan Call
A5 –Fred Böhler Big Band Mister Piano Man
A6 –Hazy Osterwald And His Orchestra I Can't Get Startet
A7 –Ernst Höllerhagen Quintett Sunday Night Hop
A8 –Hazy Osterwald Sextett Royal Flush
B1 –Coleman Hawkins And The Berry's Love Cries
B2 –Coleman Hawkins And Ernst Berner I'm In The Mood For Love
B3 –The Lanigiros Sextet Sweet Georgia Brown
B4 –René Weiss Quartett Boogie Woogie
B5 –Rio De Gregori And His Orchestra Peckin'
B6 –The Tremble Kids Colliers Clambake
B7 –The Darktown Strutters (2) Morning Mood
B8 –Mac Strittmatter Sextet St.James Infirmary
C1 –Francis Burger And His Band Ooh Bop Shebop
C2 –George Gruntz Orchestra Le Vieux Chalet
C3 –Cedric Dumont Orchestra II'm In The Mood For Love
C4 –George Gruntz Unit Spanish Castles
C5 –Remo Rau Quintet Aquarius
C6 –The Metronome Quintet Dusty Vibes
D1 –The New Hot Players I Found A New Baby
D2 –Geneva Dixie Band Blues For Loys
D3 –Pierre Cavalli Quartett Sweet Sue
D4 –The New Orleans Wild Cats The Mooche
D5 –Pierre Oguey Boptette Bichette
D6 –Paul Thommen Bigband Grooving For Nat
D7 –Flavio Ambrosetti Sextett Don't Mention It
D8 –Flavoi Ambrosetti All-Stars Baby Jane

Swiss Jazz

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